Too Sleepy! (To Skank)

Racing to match a joy I just grasp at
Feign a persona not weighed down by dread
Moments of silence they wish I could fill
But I’m sorry I buried my thoughts in my bed

My eyelids are heavy
My bed’s like a cloud
The horns are all fading
I’m sinking deep down

I wish that I wish I didn't stay home
Solace will vacate my heart and my head
Slowly I'm trying to fill what has hollowed
But I'm sorry I buried my thoughts in my bed

Cause I'm too sleepy to skank
And I’m too sad to listen to the songs I used to like
Too sleepy to skank
And I’m drifting through the greatest moments of my life

Pleasantries swapped with a big empty grin
A big show has passed and friends have gone home
My shell liked the music brass passed through my skull
Stopped by no thoughts because those birds have flown