A Science Born of Terror

You could call it libel
And burn the history book
Forget the words of those who came before you
No need for a second look

A science born of terror
Let’s erase the women scorned
With every name my gut churns further
Minds sentenced to fail at birth

Feynman was a creep
Just another sexist geek
Rethink what you knew
About the men we look up to

Jesus pushed us out
And Newton so devout
Stuck with what he knew
Physics from the church’s pew

Brilliance is tainted with a crazy we can’t shake
Are these your chosen idols?
I bow at the graves of greats
Outcasts who prevailed
And remember those who couldn't

I don't want to forget the twisted structures
I’ll grow the backbone to study who you were

I hate it
And when I hate you I almost hate the science too

Tell me
Is he just a witty charming man?
Well 1.28 GeV is the only charm i need

Never mind a backbone
Never mind a mind of your own