Hello! Long Birds is a SKATE PUNK (with a little ska and a little hardcore) band originating from Elgin, Illinois! this is a lie They are currently based in 123456.
In 2016, Elliott Ross started a solo project and then in 2017 Mina Mazeikis joined the group to form a folk-punk style duo. That is when Long Birds was born! In 2018, they released their first two EP's titled "Fingers & Teeth" and "Beans & Super Nintendo." These recordings were very primative, and they played these songs live acoustically. A bit later in 2018, Jared Perovic joined the band on the drum set to solidify the change from folk-punk duo to punk power-trio. The band went on to play a bunch of cool shows with this lineup.

In the summer of 2019 the group went on their first tour and played outside of Illinois for the first time. Morgan Hiraoka took over the drumming duties that summer. During this time Elliott and Mina were writing and demoing a bunch of rad new songs for what would be their future album.
In early 2021 Elliott and Mina began recording their first full length album I Had A Dream I Was Skateboarding in their basement.
Please take a break from reading this bio, listen to the album, and then continue on!

Post-pandemic, the band regrouped with John Gagnon on drums. The group went on to play all around Illinois with the goal to revive the skate punk genre. In the summer of 2022, John needed a break from the band and Sean Crawford joined the group for a midwest tour. After the tour, Elliott and Mina had some songs ready for an EP! They recorded what would be the On Speed EP for two days in November, 2022.

Band Members

Elliott Ross - Guitar, Vocals, Drums

Mina Mazeikis - Bass, Vocals

??? - Drums

Zaal Khalil - Trombone


Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, A Wilhelm Scream, Satanic Surfers, Suicide Machines

Past Members

Sean Crawford - Drums, some shows in 2022

John Gagnon - Drums, 2021-2022

Jared Perovic - Drums, 2018 - 2020

Morgan Hiraoka - Drums, 2019